Magician - Joe Walthera & Pafema

Zauberer Joe WaltheraJoe Walthera & Pafema from Kürnach near Würzburg are magicians and illusionists with heart and passion....! It all began during a family celebration. Joe Walthera's uncle - a full-time magician, gave a first demonstration of his skills during this celebration and absolutely fascinated "Joe Walthera", who was 13 years old at the time. His uncle presented him with a magic kit as a gift and thus, arouse the passion of "Magician Joe Walthera", a passion that brought him and his partner to be masters of the trade. In a constant self-study, "Joe Walthera" practised, together with his wife and partner Pafema, the new effects, which originated for the most part from their own powers of imagination. Numerous performances followed. They were recommended from event to event. People spoke in high terms of their genius to excite, astonish and amaze their audience through stupefying show effects. Their magic show was awarded with "The Magic Hands Cup" on the occasion of the international convention of magic in Böblingen, where 1100 magicians from 20 nations participated, and they were accepted into the Group of the International Masters of Magic. They are members of the international magician organization "IBM" (International Brotherhood of Magicians / based in Ohio - USA)

Magician and manipulator, a passion....! On the occasions of the IBM-European Conventions of Magicians in Sindelfingen and Bagnang, Joe Walthera & Pafema also reached the final selection of the 10 best European magicians during the competition for the most audience-appealing performance. The participation in annual magician conventions and practical seminars, as well as, numerous performances at weddings, parties, family celebrations, fashion shows, galas and vaudeville shows, reveal the great passion and continuous further development of "Joe Walthera & Pafema" and their top-class magic shows. Mysterious and fascinating manipulations with fire, lightning and smoke, an entertaining spoken magic program, close-up and table magic, as well as, the magic demonstrations with white barbary doves, rabbits, scarves, balls, cards and bank notes will also charm you - look forward to the show! Joe Walthera & Pafema are in love with their magic! And so will you!

A magic "sim-sa-la-bim"

Joe Walthera & Pafema

Zauberer Walthera und PafemaZauberer Walthera und Pafema
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